ACUSTEKPRO is an important manufacturer of sound attenuators. We have reached this position offering quality products, in time and at the right price. This is achieved through a professional and friendly team of acoustical engineers and employees who are always available to provide customers with first class service.

Our AIRTEK catalog will provide you with all the information you need on this wide range of products. However, if you don't find a product that meets your needs, contact us. We will be happy to research, develop and test any other attenuator to satisfy our customers.

The AIRTEK Attenuators are manufactured to allow the passage of air while reducing the noise level along the air path. Our manufacturing process allows maximum flexibility when balancing the need for space with acoustic supports and airflow.

ACUSTEKpro has a wide range of attenuators to meet the requirements of all situations. Typically, the attenuators are fabricated from galvanized steel, however, if required, they can be fabricated from other materials including stainless steel and aluminum to provide additional corrosion protection in harsh environments.

Meet our standard models:



Noise in ventilation systems can be generated by different sound sources. From rotating mechanical equipment (fans) to the very aerodynamic noise generated by the turbulence of the airflow in the ducts. This noise propagates and it becomes important to reduce the noise levels in the proximity of the source that generated them.

To aid in this correction of noise, there are the sound attenuators. These are noise control equipment used in ventilation or air conditioning (HVAC) systems in order to reduce the level of sound waves that propagate along ducts without obstructing the passage of air necessary for proper system operation.

The reduction of acoustic energy provided by a sound attenuator occurs by two essential mechanisms: dissipative and reactive. In the first case, the oscillation of air particles in the propagating sound wave vibrates small elements of the absorbent material present in the attenuator, transforming acoustic energy into mechanical energy and finally into thermal energy.

In the case of the reactive mechanism it results from the imposition of an impedance change in the propagation medium through the difference in area between the conduit section and the propagation channels within the attenuator.


AIRTEK acoustic attenuators allow an adjustment between these two mechanisms, providing excellent attenuation at high and low frequencies, with the choice of allowable head loss at a designated airflow.


In addition to the models for more general applications, ACUSTEKpro manufactures attenuators for particular applications and clean environments (hospitals, laboratories, etc.), low loss of load or even for specific systems like groups of generators and large systems and high performance.


How to choose the attenuator that best suits your needs?

  • Desired level of sound attenuation;
  • Sound source spectrum;
  • Air Flow;
  • Losses of loads allowed by the system.