ACUSTEKpro has developed a range of acoustic wood panels as an alternative to smooth coatings. Thus, in addition to a beautiful panel, it manages to reduce the reverberant field of the desired space. These panels are usually applied in large spaces such as auditoriums, show rooms where acoustic comfort is crucial. Our AUDITORIUM panels can be applied in any space you want because we have a wide range of finishes and pre-defined shapes.

If you do not want one of the forms presented, contact us to find one that meets your requirements.


Technical Features

AUDITORIUM acoustic panels, all of Portuguese manufacture, are used for the purpose of controlling the reverberation and diffusion of a space. These panels are made of MDF coated with natural wood and customized on both sides. In this way it is possible to create an open mesh that allows the absorbent of the latex to give the panel an a = 0.75.


Types of Application

  • Office Supplies
  • Testing and recording studios
  • Conference rooms
  • Restoration
  • Offices

We have several Auditorium panels, with different finishing from the aesthetic point of view, as well as different values of sound absorption in different frequency ranges.