AUDIOTEK audiometric cabins are manufactured entirely in Portugal and reflect experience in the relationship with the audiological and health sector. Our R & D department has developed AUDIOTEK cabinets using lightweight materials but with a high sound insulation capacity. Allied to its functionality we take care of having a great of aesthetic options so that the product that you decide to acquire is entirely to your liking.

The AUDIOTEK have a door with a latch, a window that allows the visualization between the patient and the operator. It has adequate lighting and all necessary connections for the desired appliances. Its assembly is extremely simple and completely intuitive. We also have the possibility to make cabins with other dimensions when mounting new modules. It also has free labyrinth ventilation (it allows the cabin to ventilate and at the same time acts as a sound transmitter).

With a variety of diverse finishes and a varied set of options, our cabs are ISO compliant - and feature a Rw insulation index of 38dB or Rw of 42dB. 


Main features:


  • Washable vinyl floor of high performance;
  • Single-door acoustic door (Rw = 38dB) or double door (Rw = 42dB);

  • 8 stereo power connectors;

  • Interior finish in honeycomb foam;

  • Customizable exterior; 



  • 4 stereos connectors;

  • Ramp access to deciphers;

  • Customizable cabin size;

  • Headphone holder;

  • Internal and / or external support table;