What is Greenboard?

Greenboard is a panel made from the by-product recycling of the automotive industry.

It is a material that offers in one component, most of the most favorable characteristics of other materials, such as dimensional stability, thermal and acoustic insulation and maneuverability.

This panel is born from the concern for the preservation of the environment and an industrial environment, where sustainable development is matched and the need to bring innovative and competitive solutions to the market.

The use of greenboard in construction allows the creation of more efficient building systems, while at the same time contributing to the reduction of the exploitation of our natural resources, also reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills, limiting the increase of the "ecological footprint"

We must bear in mind that it is our responsibility and duty to leave a greener and healthier planet for generations to come.


Partition Walls: Can be used as a finishing or coating for another type of finish. Because it has a porous surface, it admits a wide range of options, such as plaster, plaster, polystyrene, ETICS resin, paints, cast ceramics, etc.

Floor: The application of this board as a floor should serve as a sub-base for the final finish, ensuring greater thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as greater resistance to moisture and fire propagation:

  • Underlayer for self-leveling epoxy flooring;
  • Underlayer for ceramic or stone;
  • Underlayer for floors of sports pavilions, with rubber damping floor.
  • Underlayer for floating floor;

Cover: This plate optimizes the thermal characteristics and avoids condensation. Resistance to fire and moisture are essential. Wide range of finishing options. It is an excellent product to cover wet walls and receive pottery such as bathrooms.