SPM high-density acoustic screens are used to provide acoustic insulation between two spaces.

Manufactured in rolls with 1 meter wide, they present 4 different levels of effectiveness depending on the surface mass of the product.

All SPM acoustic screens are manufactured with a modified bitumen base and are then coated on both sides with a polyethylene film.

The application of the GUMIES membrane is carried out by projection in order to achieve the desired density.


5 Varieties

  • BASIC: Rw = 46.3 dB at 49.1 dB
  • SIMPLE: Rw = 47.2 dB at 50.2 dB
  • COMFORT: Rw = 47.8 dB at 51.0 dB
  • EXTREME: Rw = 50.1 dB at 52.3 dB
  • GUMIES (10mm): Rw = 52.1 dB at 54.3 dB