Acustek acoustic gates provide insulation with Rw ranging from 39 to 51dB. The doors may be metal, wood or coated with washable melamine panels. The system of sealing is carried out all around the perimeter with rubbers in silicone of high performance.

As an option a sill seal can be applied with automatic actuation synchronized with the door lock. The doors are supplied with stainless steel fittings including hinges except for the progressive locking handle with a black polyamide coating.


On request it can be made of stainless steel. The finish of the doors can be adjusted according to the coatings used in their surroundings, and can be adapted to their thickness so that they can correspond in terms of acoustic insulation. Acustek acoustic doors are manufactured in Portugal using materials manufactured exclusively in Portugal.


The acoustic fabrics VELUM of AcustekPRO are entirely manufactured in Portugal. As a result of a vast national experience in the know-how of weaving, combined with the latest technology available, the fabrics used are studied in order to guarantee a high coefficient of sound absorption within a high frequency range. The VELUM range features a wide variety of colors as well as two textures to choose from School and Theater, each with different sound absorption values and finishes.


Used in Acoustic Curtains or Coating in other AcustekPRO solutions, such as BAFTEK.




Application Types


  • Show Stages
  • Doctors' office
  • Classrooms
  • Office Supplies
  • Swimming Pool
  • Restoration
  • Shrines