The foam panels manufactured by ACUSTEKpro are produced in Portugal and exported worldwide in prepackaged packs or panels specifically designed for a custom design with a differentiated design, depending on the minimum purchase quantities. The panels are manufactured with varying thicknesses and configurations, and can be manufactured in various color finishes and with different densities from 20Kg / m3 to 150Kg / m3. Used mainly in acoustic studio conditioning, these panels can be applied as wall coverings or ceilings of offices, restaurants, cinemas and spaces with high reverberation.


FOAMTEK foams are manufactured essentially in open-cell polyurethane foams not releasing any type of volatile particles according to the VOC assays.


In addition, a component can be added in the constitution of Foamtek foams in order to make it more fire resistant for more demanding uses. In extreme cases where an even higher fire resistance is desired without losing the acoustic characteristics we can manufacture these panels in melamine foam.


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