The use of cellulose as an insulation material was first used at 60 years in the performance of thermal insulation. The idea arose based on the use of cards and newspapers by the homeless who felt more protected by the card than by the use of wool blankets. The study has been deepened over the years and has discovered many advantages of the use of cellulose fibers in thermal insulation, in the control and regulation of humidity and more recently in the conditioning and reinforcement of acoustic insulation.

Recycled cellulose fibers can be used in the insulation and acoustic conditioning of spaces although their appearance is not the brightest. Recently, the pulp of long and virgin fibers has been used more frequently than the originals but with a more homogeneous appearance.

Fire resistance is conferred through the addition of boron salts that does not cause itching, is neutral in contact with the skin and is completely harmless to humans and animals.



  • Auditoriums;
  • Testing and recording studios;
  • Conference rooms;
  • Restoration;
  • Offices;
  • Industry.