In today's businesses, creativity and knowledge sharing are fostered, with the natural tendency of workspaces to become open-space. It is therefore increasingly important that the acoustics are good so as not to disturb the natural performance of employees.

To think about this, ACUSTEKpro has developed the COCOON acoustic cabins.

These cabins serve to make a phone call, work during a period of greater concentration without any disturbance by the environment that surrounds us.

They are designed and manufactured entirely in our factory and are intended to meet a growing need for momentary concentration.

Our acoustic cabins are coated with Velum Nordic fabric and can have a polished aluminum finish as an option. They are supplied with LED lighting, i-phone charger jack, i-pad or other USB connection phone and can also be used as a charging station for other equipment through its 220V outlet.

With an absorption coefficient of 1, the COCOON acoustic cabinets are excellent for ensuring their concentration even in environments where it is sometimes difficult to achieve.